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If you have a craving for delicious jack, a staple in the tropics particularly South and South-east Asia, Dr. Jackfruit® can fulfill just about any of your requirements. We offer to you our pristinely packaged product range: Green Jackfruit-Plain, Green Jackfruit-BBQ flavor, and Green Jackfruit-Frozen. Our team can also help you develop other innovative, tasty jackfruit-based products. We plan on mainstreaming this nature’s bounty in America, Europe, Asia and other global markets. We are committed to a sustainable environment and contributing directly to the income of the indigenous farmer community.

Our Products


Dr. Jackfruit® presents you the goodness of jackfruit in easy-to-cook packets, ensuring a shelf life of 12 months. Check out our fascinating range of products below!

Green Jackfruit - Plain

Ready to Cook

For an interesting twist to burgers, sandwiches, salads, sizzlers or even tacos, unpack, marinate and sauté/pan fry for 10 minutes

Green Jackfruit - BBQ Flavour

Ready to Cook

Unpack and sauté/pan fry for 10 minutes to put your personal touch to burgers, tacos or sizzlers; can also be served with rice or grilled it up for a spicy twist.

Green Jackfruit - Frozen

Unpack, de-frost and add your favorite ingredients to whip up a delicacy with a personal touch!

Watch this space as we are adding more jackfruit products to our basket all the time!

Why Us?

Why Jackfruit?

Jackfruit is an amazing ingredient to help with lifestyle choices such as going vegan or even, in general, to stay healthy. While it is not meat, jackfruit resembles it and is way healthier. It easily gels well with different flavors. This complete vegan ingredient is rich in dietary fibre, essential minerals and vitamins. It is also believed to help enhance immunity, fight cancer as well as keep skin wrinkle-free.

Why Dr.Jackfruit®?

  • Dr. Jackfruit’s® products are made out of organic, homestead jackfruits. They contain no added preservatives
  • We source our jackfruit directly from farmers thereby enriching the lives of our indigenous farmer community.
  • Handpicked jackfruits are processed on the same day to keep its freshness intact.
  • Our products are a complete package that comes in matchless quality and nutritional values.

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